1. What is ContentWatt.com all about?

At ContentWatt.com, we help real estate agents or realtors post interesting contents to their Facebook page twice a day, to attract more home buyers and home sellers.

2. Why do I need this service?

Our service allows the realtors to focus on taking care of their clients why we do all the heavy lifting in creating and posting fresh, interesting contents to the realtors’ social media pages. These contents are creative and will bring more home buyers and sellers to the realtor.

3. Am I locked in to a long-term contract?

No. You can cancel your service at any time by sending email to sprt@contentwatt.com.

4. How much is the fee to take advantage of this incredible service?

It is just $199 per month, for a limited time. The price may increase at any time.

5. Are there any setup fees?

Yes. We charge just a little setup fee of $199, which is just one-time payment.

6. How much will my first payment be?

Your first payment will be $398 (This includes $199 for set up fee and $199 for first month payment).

7. When will you start posting to my Facebook page?

In most cases, it takes about 7 days for the setup to be completed. But this depends on how quickly we receive the info we need from you. It may take up to 30 days to completely set, in some cases.

8. Do you provide a refund?

Due to the nature of this service, we do not provide a refund. All payments are final.

9. Am I able to post other things to my Facebook page?

Absolutely yes! And we encourage you to add content to your Facebook page very often as well. Customers love seeing behind the scene photos. Consider taking photos of you, your staff, or the office and post those to your business Facebook page.

10. Why do you post twice a day?

The reason is due to the fact that Facebook has 2 prime time spots for posting that play into the algorithm and we post to both of those time slots.

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